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Arrgh Avast!!

If you are looking to have a different vibe, something edgier, and unique, create your own style for your brand or business. Or, are you looking for some help or a different set of eyes to make your business grow? 

Well, that's why we are here, we are tired of seeing everywhere the same style and same color pallets, same images different names, so we created THE KRAKEN, a project of passion and evolution. We are here to make you or your brand look BADASS!!




Over the years Kraken has seen Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Brands thrive for success and put so much love and passion into their projects, never the less money, and life savings in some cases, and see how other pirates, or in this era called "Partners" "Friends" "Professionals" or the worst "Businessmen" take advantage of them and in worst cases, leave them alone and without even a fishing boat to sail back to shore! 

That's why we Woke the KRAKEN, A beast that is really into helping and not only giving 1 but 8 tentacles to push your brand in any way possible by being true and transparent. 

We want to help you to reach the success you deserve, we love helping and giving back to the community in some way, and as long as you are real to yourself and the KRAKEN, we will assist you in every way possible for the best outcome for you and also us, because, in reality, we don't put ourselves in your shoes, we are using the same Boots!

so Long story Short, NEVER PARLEY WITH PIRATES! 

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